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Portable and Custom Modular Exhibit Systems

ADP amps up their image while reducing their electric bill

Tasked with structural design, graphic output, custom fabrication, lighting design, furniture, AV, and asset management, XS exceded the client's expectations and helped ADP increase brand awareness on the show floor.

Using our internally lighted extrusion, our crew designed a 10'x20' exhibit with a 55" flatscreen used for presentations throughout the event. When not in use for presentations, the screen becomes a digital signage tool for fast and efficient content chages focused to each event's audience.

The extensive use of LED lighting fixtures, that run at a fraction of the heat and wattage of traditional lighting, provided a true white light allowing the design to really pop on the show floor. Most inline units have spotlights focused only on the visuals, rather than creating an environment and welcoming attendees. The LED components travel within the exhibit's framework and assemble quickly and easily.

Ask how Xhibit Solutions can help support and develop your exhibit and marketing campaign with full service graphic and structural design, graphic production, vehicle wraps, event tents, executive briefing centers — and everything in between.