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Giving Thanks to our customers

It's Turkey Day again and I wanted to say thank you to all of our clients, future clients, suppliers, and partners.


When a world-class company asks you to be a part of their team what else do you do but say yes? Xhibit Solutions was selected over five other exhibit suppliers from across the US to support Heinz. With 50+ sales associates in the field, we designed easy to use tools that are ultra portable for each rep to travel in their region. 

My Kind of Town, Chicago is...

I had this info passed to me and thought it is a great piece of info, especially for all of you that are headed to Chicago in the future and plan on battling the union for the right to handle your own assets. Thanks to Judy for passing the info along! I love our customers :)

On May 27, 2010, the Illinois General Assembly enacted historic legislation in response to your demands for a sweeping transformation in the way business is conducted on the premises

What You Should Know about Trade Show Booth Selection

Just saw a great post on our trade show tips page in the exhibit gallery.  I thought I'd pass it along as a good refresher for those old-timers outt here and just plain good info for those new folks out there.  Make sure you visit the Trade Show Tips link in the gallery for other great info! Thanks to Mel White @ one of our manufacturing partners Classic Exhibits!

What You Should Know about Trade Show Booth Selection

How do I plan my rental exhibit?

It's a good question, and one we hear often. It's just like planning the purchase and execution of a new exhibit, but without the extra costs and operational investment.

Concept Design by Xhibit Solutions

Wrap my vehicle? Why would I ever do that?

I thought this detail about the costs and effectiveness of wraps was timely.  It makes good marketing and business sense to use the mobile medium as a tool in your marketing mix.

The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) research puts meaningful numbers behind what consumers have been saying for years:

Don't be afraid to not have promotional items out for the general audience

I had a client ask me earlier this week how they could best use their promotional items in their booth.  I offered this..

Statistically only about 18% of the people walking through the door will be a prospect for your services.  As a result you'll have different groups of interactions at the booth or on the show floor.  

Xhibit Solutions Featured in Industry newsletter

Expand Vol. 4 No. 10

Keeping Each Customer's Best Interests in Mind

Xhibit Solutions offers customers all the advantages of a custom-built trade-show booth with a much lower total cost of ownership

The overwhelming trend that developed from the economic challenge of 2009 was the use of large rental exhibits at national event

The overwhelming trend that developed from the economic challenge of 2009 was the use of large rental exhibits at national events.

Rental allows you to expense all the related items to that event to provide a more realistic ROI analysis. Think about it - being able to theme or focus branding and awareness efforts on the specific attendee instead of planning for the same message that may not carry the same impact at all the years's events. Generic is great when it's a rippled potato chip, not when its your marketing message. Wow, I miss generic chips.

Playing for the Title

Well it's time for the Fall Classic again - but don't think World Series where my Yankees (until the Pirates get their act together again) are headed for another title.  Think the roll out of that high mileage display for the fall shows that should have been traded or cut from the squad in spring training.

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