How do I plan my rental exhibit?

It's a good question, and one we hear often. It's just like planning the purchase and execution of a new exhibit, but without the extra costs and operational investment.

Concept Design by Xhibit Solutions

When you buy a new booth you have to store it, maintain it, inspect it before and after each event, make changes to the structure for a new product launch or that revised marketing message. With a rental unit, we store, maintain and tweak the structure to your needs, so its a simplified process for you and your budget.

Renting is 60-70% less than buying a new exhibit, so if you change often, follow design themes based on lacation or product focus, or have multiple sized exhibits throughout the year, rental is the answer.

And don't think you are limited to a standard old look. We have lighted extrusions, 16' towers, expansive mural graphics, conference rooms, AV support and counter space - all rental.

To get the best results plan 3-6 months in advance for best inventory selection and a full window for design development, image review, and preview in our facility to tweak the details.

We'll even coordinate your paperwork and install the unit at your show to simplify your work life (sorry you're still going to need to figure out how to get the kids to their 5 activities all at once on the homefront on your own). With union crews in most major convention cities, we can make sure the work gets done right and on budget.

So let's get creative, get your budget working for you instead of against you, and put a plan together to put a fresh face on your event marketing.

Tell me you read it here and we'll give you 10% off your rental structure (excluding graphics) for all first time renters through March 31st.