Vehicle Graphics

Keep your vehicle under wraps, not your brand!

Turn any vehicle into a mobile marketing tool.  With the lowest cost per impression at just $.35 per 1000, you can put your brand in front of your prospects at the lowest cost than any other advertising medium.*  From a full coverage design to just logo and brand application for your fleet, we can get your message in front of your customers, in your market! Our experienced designers and trained vehicle wrap installers can help every step of the way.

As an Oracal Certified Printing facility, Xhibit Solutions meets the high standards required to offer the Oralife Component System Warranty for digital printing applications produced with approved combinations of Orajet digital media and Oraguard laminating films for up to 6 years of outdoor protection on printed graphics. We are also AVERY certified and a member of the Wrapify Network of Certified Applicators.

Our state of the art HP Latex printers are recommended for the best wrap results. We use premium quality media and laminates and follow a 4 step vehicle preparation process so you can be confident your graphics will look great, not just when they leave the lot, but for the long haul.

When you are ready to upgrade vehicles or change your message, the graphics can be easily removed. In fact, some leasing companies will insist you wrap your vehicle to protect the paint over the term of your lease. 

Let Xhibit Solutions help with your mobile marketing efforts with a FREE consultation today!!!

*2010 Arbitron, Inc Study

Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics
Vehicle Graphics
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Vehicle Graphics
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Vehicle Graphics
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Vehicle Graphics
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Vehicle Graphics