Frequently Asked Questions

Can you support materials for my outdoor events?

Yes, we offer a wide variety of outdoor marketing tools like banners, flagpoles, sidewalk decals, inflatables and other ways to carry your brand into the great outdoors.

What is the benefit to renting vs. buying an exhibit?

Renting an exhibit makes sense financially in many cases. If you theme your presentation based on the audience or your product/service offering, if you have a defined budget to work with only for a specific event to expense the costs of the event vs. having to get a capital budget item approved and processed, or if your business is experiencing fast growth or expansion of your product offerings, we can help you make sense of the opportunity rental offers. Ask your consultant about the myriad of options including our leasing programs.

Do you print your graphics in-house?

Yes, a large portion of our graphics are printed in our Bridgeville, PA location. Other graphics are produced with the systems they fit at our partner facilities for critical fit, specific finishing or integration into the hardware.

Are you able to wrap a fleet of vehicles?

Yes, we have indoor facilities to prepare and apply vehicle graphics year round - and in a timely fashion. We are not restricted by the weather like some other facilities to impact our production schedule and delivery.

Why should I use XS to wrap my vehicle?

We are a matchprint certified Oracal partner. Our install team, our print devices, and our materials have been certified by Oracal allowing us to offer a 6yr warranty on our wrap Oracal application and prints. There are other options for wrap films and laminates, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. A recent removal of a wrap shows that quality films can save significant time on the removal side, so saving $500 now can cost you $1200 in peel labor later. Ask us about your options and we'll educate you about the process.